Celebrate Easter!

Lots of people enjoy ushering in spring with cute bunnies, flowers, and jelly beans.

But many people recognize the month of April as the Easter month. Easter is the holiday where Christians reflect upon the death of Jesus Christ and his resurrection three days later.

Churches do a wonderful job of bringing people together; another option is for families to come watch “His Life: The Greatest Story Ever Told” at the Blue Gate Theater.

This musical event takes place April 7-23. Blue Gate offers three different packages: tickets; tickets with meals; and hotel packages.

Our family never tires of acknowledging the significance of this holiday. We try to find different, creative ways to reflect on this Christ-centered time.

Every now and then I think, “Maybe we should watch the Mel Gibson movie, ‘The Passion of the Christ,’” but then I hesitate because the movie is so gruesome. I wonder if there are better ways for kids and teens to be brought in to the emotion and energy of the Gospel without exposing them to such violence.

The musical “His Life” is definitely a way to achieve that goal. The singers have amazing voices, and the selected songs resonate with meaning and purpose.

“His Life” is really is a great, family-centered way to focus on this significant time. Sure, we’ll share jelly beans and colored eggs, but the best thing is, we’ll remember together the sacrifice Jesus made for us.

Have you attended “His Life” in the past? What did this experience mean to you?

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