Mishler Country Meat Market

Address 1: 5680 W 100 N

City: LaGrange

State: IN

Zip: 46761

Phone: 260-768-4156

Fax: 260-768-4354

Email: mpmonson@embarqmail.com

Mishler Country Meat Market

Mishler Country Meats has been producing fresh quality meats since 1948. Our pork patties are known far and wide. Our fresh sausage and bacon is served in a number of local restaurants throughout Michiana. Come and browse in our old-style little market, Sample some of our blue-ribbon prodcuts, such as: old fashioned ring bologna, smoked ham & bacon taken from livestock raised on neighborhood farms, a variety of fresh luncheon meats, turkey and beef jerky, and the best tast'n beef sticks you've ever had! Hours Mon - Thurs. 8-4:30 Fri. 8-5:00 Sat. 8-1:00