Celebrate National Wetlands Month

  • Posted on Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012
  • by Scott Beam in
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Scott Beam, LaGrange County Interpretive Naturalist, does an outstanding job of offering outdoor events in our LaGrange County Parks. This Memorial Holiday weekend, on Friday, he is providing the public with a great opportunity. If you’re looking for something out-of-the-ordinary to do, keep reading!

LaGrange County Parks announces a special program to conclude May,
National Wetlands Month. Friday, May 25, the tour will visit some of the
significant wetlands in LaGrange County. Five major types of wetland are
found within LaGrange County and play a vital role in managing water for
native ecosystems.

The purpose of the tour is to explore what makes them a specific ecosystem
rather than just a place that is moist or submerged. The tour will be a
combination of riding and walking. The Tour will not be wading into the
wetlands, but will be inspecting specimens along their edges.

To wander the wetlands, meet at Maple Wood Nature Center, 4550E 100S, at
9a May 25. Wetland Tour is anticipated to last 2.5 hours. Participants are
recommended to bring binoculars, journals, cameras, field guides.
Pre-Registration is encouraged. Contact LaGrange County Parks
lagrangecountyparks@yahoo.com, 854-2225.

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