April Featured Business: Raber Patio Open House

The April Business of the Month celebrates Raber Patio Enclosures and Furniture, a locally owned and operated business. This blog is the second installment of the series. To read the first blog, click here.

It’s one way of saying “thanks” and another way of saying “welcome.”

It’s offered with a smile and a handshake, along with a grilled burger, homemade potato salad, and Amish baked goods.

It’s their way, the Raber Patio way.

Raber Patio Enclosures and Furniture is holding its annual open house April 19-21, 9 am-5pm at their State Road 5 location.

People from all over Indiana and neighboring states visit Chris Schlabach, Ervin Raber, and their staff because after all, they are now friends, more than customers, after having been serviced by these businessmen.

Customers from last year's open house enjoying coffee and snacks.

“The main thing we enjoy about this open house is getting to be with the customers, both old and new. We work hard to create a relationship with our customers, who then tell their friends about us, and so on,” said Chris, founder Ervin’s son-in-law who now manages the business.

Chris expects somewhere between 700-800 visitors, expects to serve 1,200 hamburgers, and is eager to give away items each day.

Those giveaways include:

  • $300.00 Gift Certificate;
  • Folding picnic table;
  • Single seat glider made out of poly-vinyl;
  • Cornhole game.

“We will also be making kettle corn outside our store,” adds Chris. “We sell the kettles here, and this is a good chance for the public to see what they can do.”

The open house celebration extends from their store on State Road 5 to their new location on the lower level of the Davis Mercantile, downtown Shipshewana.

Inside the Davis Mercantile location

“We have lots of furniture up there,” said Chris. “That store is convenient for people who spend a lot of their shopping time at the Davis Mercantile.”

Not only will customers see big-ticket items such as pergolas, sun rooms, porches, and swing sets, they will also see locally-made items.

Find local products at Raber Patio

“People are asking more and more for locally-made and American-made products,” Chris comments. “That way, you get much better customer service.”

Those local items include bird feeders and poly-vinyl furniture made from recycled milk jugs, wooden windmills, and included at the Davis Mercantile location, lip balms and lotions.

These locally-made bird feeders are made out of recycled milk jugs.

Chris said he likes doing business the old-fashioned way, staying in touch with letters, phone calls, or face-to-face.

“We enjoy working with our customers. That’s important. We just want to tell them thanks.”

For more information on Raber Patios:
Go online to: www.RaberPatios.com
Call: 800.768.2740
Come to their open house at: 655 S Van Buren Street (State Road 5), Shipshewana, 46565,
or in the Davis Mercantile, Downtown Shipshewana

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