Knitting Today Helps Relieve Stress

Ever seen an annoyed knitter?
A ticked-off tailor?
A cross crochet-er?

Neither have I.

I suspect the people who participate in these activities know something I don’t: these pursuits prevent stress, or at the very least relieve stress.

If you are a knitter, you will find no stress and all contentment when you visit Knitting Today in Wolcottville.

If you have yet to take up this hobby, then bring the happiness on; Lea-Ann McGregor, who co-owns the business with her husband, Tom, will help get you started.

Once you have the basics down, you can even join in on a number of community-related sessions. Lea-Ann’s website (, Facebook page (, and blog (www. all talk about groups who get together just for the purpose of knitting. They have times together known as “Lunch Bunch,” “Knit Happy Club,” “Tangled Tatters,” and “KAL-Lace Knitting.”

It’s hard to walk into a big-box retailer and find the kind of happiness these knitting groups exude. It’s also hard to find happy help. Or help at all. Which makes me want to take out my knitting needles and knit so my happiness can be restored.

But because Knitting Today is a family-owned business, Lea-Ann bends over backwards to welcome you into her store and help you with all those things knitting-related you might need.

That’s another thing about Knitting Today: Lea-Ann knows the craft. She isn’t just selling product; she is experienced, knowledgeable, and she can teach knitting technique.

Ever seen a nice knitter?
A tranquil tailor?
A contended crochet-er?

So have I.
At Knitting Today.

Knitting Today is located at 8040 East 500 South, Wolcottville, Indiana.

The retailer also offers online shopping. Click here to visit their website.

Next Tuesday: Knitting Today Is Celebrating their 10th year at their current location.

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