Guys: You Choose the Date Night

Guys, you know the routine:

Guy:  Want to do something tonight?
Gal:    Sure.
Guy:  What?
Gal:    Oh, I don’t know. You choose.
Guy: Well, we could see a movie.
Gal: Nothing good is playing.
Guy: We could take a walk.
Gal: Nah, that doesn’t sound very fun.
Guy: We—
Gal: Let’s go shopping!

This weekend, gentlemen, YOU get to choose the date night, and if you’re an outdoors sportsman, you’ll want to take her to the Michiana Outdoors Show at the MEC!

It’s possible that you can live in Northeast Indiana and not know of the Michiana Events Center, or “MEC,” in Howe. But once you’ve found this place, you’ve also landed a gem of a location to visit. The MEC runs events at least twice a month, sometimes more.

They have a huge online presence with their up-to-date website (click here to go to the MEC website) and their active Facebook page (click here to go to their Facebook page).

But back to this weekend: At the Michiana Outdoors Show, you’ll see countless items and activities that have to do with all things for the outdoors sports guy: hunting, fishing, camping, trapping—they will have it at the MEC.

Some special features include the a bow baseball competition, several fish tank demonstrations, and back from popular demand is the ever-popular “Hawg Tank.”

The MEC website also says numerous industry celebrities and teachers will be at the event to speak on their specialties.

Now, I know I’m generalizing when I say this event is mainly for the guys. I know several women who do enjoy hunting and fishing. One gal spends several hundreds of dollars a year in updating her hunting wardrobe alone.

If you’re one of those gals, you’ll find your own excitement at the show. But if you’re not, be kind and gracious and go along with your guy. I see you benefitting in two ways:
1) You’ll get Christmas and birthday gift ideas;
2) He’ll be so glad you came along, he might just go buy you those shoes you’ve been looking at in the mall.

The Michiana Outdoors Sportsmen Show is held at the Michiana Events Center Friday, February 24, 9am-8 pm; and Saturday, February 25, from 8 am-5 pm.

Admission is $10; children age 12 and under are free.

The MEC is located at 7605 N. State Route 9 in Howe, Indiana.

Click here to go to the website.

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