Business of the Month: Topeka Seed & Stove

With January being one of the coldest months in Northern Indiana, our thoughts can’t help but turn toward staying warm.

A few years back, our friends purchased a corn stove from Topeka Seed and Stove. Their home stays comfortable during the winter, and we enjoy gathering around the stove with our hands stuck out toward the heat, coffee cups nearby, and sharing great conversation.

Our friends aren’t Amish. They simply were looking for an alternative heat source. As a matter of fact, while Topeka Seed & Stove is located in the heartland of Amish country and a number of customers are Amish, the company sells many products to mainstream Americans. Many customers travel up to 200 miles to purchase from this family owned business.

Topeka Seed & Stove sells stoves, furnaces, stainless steel chimneys, and volcanic rock masonry chimneys. The business markets over 17 different models of stoves and furnaces. They also have over 100 stoves and furnaces on display.

One popular item out-of-towners enjoy is the cook stove. It looks antique and old-fashioned, but works like a modern stove.

Another popular item is the outdoor wood furnace, which Topeka Seed and Stove began selling in 1986, once they found a quality product from Central Boiler Outdoor Woodstoves. Today, Topeka is one of the oldest and largest Central Boiler dealers.

We have another set of friends who have installed an outdoor wood furnace. They even heat their pool with this alternative heat source!

This little store does a huge business selling warmth. They actually started in 1937 not with stoves, but by servicing farmers by spreading marl, a fertilizer of sorts containing lime and clay. More on their history next week.

The best thing about Topeka Seed & Stove is that it is a homegrown business; fourth generation Hochstetlers work in the store today.

Local, family-owned businesses and their stories really warm my heart.

Next week: Learn the history of Topeka Seed and Stove.

Topeka Seed and Stove is located at 514 East Lake Street, Topeka, Indiana.

Click here to visit their website.

Have you or someone you know purchased a stove or other products from Topeka Seed and Stove? Let us know about it!

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