Shipshe’s Pajama Sale is the New “Black Friday”

  • Posted on Friday, February 11th, 2011
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def: “Black Friday:” 5 am After-Thanksgiving Day sale where reasonable human beings turn downright barbaric by wrestling, kicking, and cursing in order to be the first ones in a store to grab that can’t-live-without HD television…only to discover the store carried only 10.

def: “Pajama Sale:” February’s first Saturday where hundreds of men, women, and children calmly shop for fabrics, shoes and boots, and a sundry of other items, smiling, laughing, and hugging, in Shipshewana, Indiana. Oh, and the sales associates take time to care.

I wouldn’t believe it had I not seen it with my own eyes. The lines grew long early, but the benevolence didn’t disappear. One line skirted all the way through the store out into the hallway, but folks just waited patiently for their turn to be waited on.

Shipshewana’s Pajama Sale restored my hope in humanity; warmth and kindness still exist, people still live by the golden rule, and a frugal shopper can still find a good bargain.

Even better, Shipshewana’s hospitality didn’t stop when the Pajama Sale ended. A person can travel any day to the LaGrange County, Indiana town and receive the same service afforded during this fun sale.

Forget Black Friday; I’m shopping in Shipshe.

Early morning shoppers at the Shipshewana Pajama Sale

An assembly line of fabric cutters at Lolly’s Fabrics slice, shear, and fold a mountain of fabrics for its customers at the Pajama Sale.

Shoppers line up for big savings at Pajama Sale.

A long but friendly line of customers await check-out at Head-Over-Heels, which featured at least 40% off its entire store during the Pajama Sale. Ugg Boots at 40% off? Wow!

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